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Worldwide club hits, two acclaimed albums and headline international DJ dates all mean that the recording artist/producer/DJ from London known as IDC is a widely acclaimed figure in the ever-evolving electronic music scene.

"IDC is a genius"
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"A brilliant work full of optimism"
DJ Mag Album review 9/10
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"One of electronic music's finest purveyors"

Dancefloor rock'n'roll"

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Recent Releases

'The Sun is Always Shining Above The Clouds'

Remastered to bring out the stunning full range of orchestral elements and future-proof dancefloor power, this new version of IDC's second album bucks the trend for 'Loudness War' brickwall limiting and comes complete with a deluxe edition featuring extended 12" mixes and alternative versions.

"A brilliant work full of optimism"
DJ Mag 9/10
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Single - 'Sugar Coated Bullet'

It's not often that something Mao Tse Tung wrote in his 'little red book' gets used as the title for an innovative dance/alternative track, but that's exactly what 'Sugar Coated Bullet' does, along with using oboes, backwards guitars and tabla drums, so something quite a bit more than a 'paint by numbers' electronic dance track...
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Single - 'Assemble the Musi8ians'

The mix of hammond organs, powerful drums and dancey groovescalls to mind the work The Chemical Brothers did with The Charlatans but with a big 2015 twist.
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Single - 'What's Going On Here?'

A three minute pocket opus with a piano hook that recalls David Holmes' seminal '69 Police' and a warped cello that gives a psychedelic edge. Backed with a live version of 'Imaginary Bones'
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