Happy New Year!

First off, I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who's been in touch asking when the third album is coming out...

The answer is I'm still working on it! Yes, it's starting to rival the third Stone Roses album in its gestation, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and am trying to make sure it's something really special... but at least it's now got a title ;)

AND it will really be coming out in 2017!

In the meantime, I have actually been putting some new music out under another moniker and it's been quite well received. Long time IDC friend and supporter John Kennedy let the cat out of the bag when he played 'Regal Sounds' on his Radio X show and mentioned that it had something to do with me...

Indeed the Salford Sorcerers are my own work. 'Regal' got a lot of support from Nemone on BBC 6Music too and was also featured on the station's breakfast show and special '6 Recommends Day' event.

There's more to come from the Salford's this year too...

'Sugar Coated Bullet'
2016 Single Release

Buy it on iTunes , Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Beatport, Juno and many more online stores.

Hear it on Spotify too.

'Sugar Coated Bullet' is backed with a live version of 'Modern Touch'.

'Assemble The Musi8ians'
2015 Single Release

'Assemble The Musi8ians' is a mad concoction of hammond organs and dancey grooves and it comes backed with a live version of 'Boss Klass'.

You can get both tracks on iTunes , Beatport, Juno, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Japan, HMV Digital, DJ Tunes, Trackitdown and many more online stores.

You can hear it on Spotify and Youtube too.

'What's Going On Here?'
2015 Single Release

'What's Going On Here?' is a three minute pocket opus with a piano hook that recalls David Holmes' seminal '69 Police' and a warped cello that gives a psychedelic edge.

It comes backed with a live version of 'Imaginary Bones' featuring Lo Fi Allstar Phil Ward on vocals. The cover photo features the Pere IV hotel in Barcelona, scene of many an adventure associated with IDC DJ sets at Ramatazz, the best club in the world!
Download here...

10 years later...

It's hard to believe that 2014 notched up 10 YEARS since my debut single 'Scratch' came out as the first release on Corsair Records.

Without it that there wouldn't have been headline DJ sets around the world at clubs such as Razzmatazz in Barcelona and Zouk in Singapore, or festival appearances at the likes of Bestival or Sziget.

So to mark the occasion the original 4-track single was re-released, and included a brand new IDC 2014 remix version too. Listen on youtube:

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Recent Releases

New 2016 Single - 'Sugar Coated Bullet'

It's not often that something Mao Tse Tung wrote in his 'little red book' gets used as the title for an innovative dance/alternative track, but that's exactly what 'Sugar Coated Bullet' does, along with using oboes, backwards guitars and tabla drums, so something quite a bit more than a 'paint by numbers' electronic dance track...
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'Assemble the Musi8ians'

The mix of hammond organs, powerful drums and dancey groovescalls to mind the work The Chemical Brothers did with The Charlatans but with a big 2015 twist.
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Single - 'What's Going On Here?'

A three minute pocket opus with a piano hook that recalls David Holmes' seminal '69 Police' and a warped cello that gives a psychedelic edge. Backed with a live version of 'Imaginary Bones'
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Current Remix Release - 'Away To Dream'

A new IDC remix for Corsair Records' labelmates 2K Subs is out now...
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